How Much is One Bitcoin Worth in America?

You might have a limited knowledge of Bitcoin, but you’ll probably know more about it soon because it’s becoming much more mainstream. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used digitally to make transactions and buy things. Created in 2008, by the reclusive man of mystery Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is fast growing to become a global phenomenon.

In fact, many experts have speculated that in ten years time Bitcoin could become the currency of choice for the world, surpassing actual paper money. It’s interesting to think about the valuation of Bitcoin as well. The valuations have grown rapidly since Bitcoin first emerged on the scene, but, even today they are fluctuating.

Working out the price of one Bitcoin is actually quite difficult because the prices continue to fluctuate. Most sources put the current valuation of between $900-1100. This is a huge amount of money, and just think if you were someone who invested early on in the process. For example, when Bitcoin first came on the market their valuation was next to nothing.

In fact, there have been some jaw-dropping tales involving Bitcoin valuation over the years. In 2010 an online user auctioned 10,000 Bitcoin for $50 cumulatively. Apparently, no buyer was found, but can you imagine if it was?! That person would be kicking themselves now!

There was also a story Swedish student who bought 5,000 Bitcoin in 2009 for as total of around $26.00USD. He forgot about them until 2013 came around, and his memory was jogged by some media coverage. It turned out the Bitcoin he had were now worth almost $900,000! Imagine if he had left them now; he’d be looking at a return of around $5 million!

There is no set price for Bitcoin, so it’s hard to come up with a definitive total for the cost of one. But the prices fluctuate much like the stock market. So it’s important to know and understand when you should cash in your investment. It’s always a good idea to study thyme market and make sure you understand how the process works. This is something that will help you figure out how to purchase Bitcoin for the best possible price.

Will America Follow in Japan’s Footsteps and Start Accepting Bitcoin?

The world of Bitcoin has long been the murky waters of uncertainty, as many of us don’t know much about it. But, this is beginning to change as more and more people understand the universal benefits and appeal of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is growing in strength and influence, and, in a few years time, it could become a global phenomenon.

The huge advantage of it is the fact that it cuts out the middleman, i.e. banks, and there is complete and total transparency. This makes it a trustworthy and user-friendly currency, and one which more and more business vendors are beginning to embrace. There are so many advantages to the use of Bitcoin that we are starting to feel its influence already.

People are starting to make more and more transactions using Bitcoin, and there are plenty of places they can be used now. We have also seen the gambling world embracing Bitcoin as the future. So many casinos now accept Bitcoin as a currency, and many of them are specific Bitcoin casinos.

It’s pretty clear that Bitcoin is on the rise, and Japan has already embraced it completely. Over 20,000 business merchants in Japan currently accept Bitcoin, and this is a number that seems like it will grow over the years. It’s very important to get on board during this development phase because the price of these coins is only going to increase and get better.

Will America follow suit and start to embrace Bitcoin on the same level as Japan? Well, it seems like this will only be a matter of time, and we could see the US make a lot of headway in the next few years.

Indeed, if we look at the price of Bitcoin, we can see how important and powerful they are in the digital marketplace right now. One Bitcoin is valued at around $1,000USD, so it’s clear this currency will pack a punch. If the new President chooses to make America more self-contained and cut off trade routes, online currency could become the future much more quickly.

The Best Places to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in America

The world of cryptocurrency is expanding at a fast rate, and it’s time to get on board with that. So, you need to make sure you do as much as you can to secure yourself some Bitcoins before they become too expensive. So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can buy and sell Bitcoin in the United States.


Believe it or not, if you want the least charges when exchanging bitcoin then you might be best off doing so at a casino. Of course, you’re going to have to gamble a bit (and hope you win) but there are plenty of reputable online casinos that do accept bitcoin – or are just totally bitcoin based. You will also find most large casinos such as Casumo, 32Red and Vera and John casino are all considering adding bitcoin to their list of payment and withdrawal methods soon.

Bitcoin Companies

There are plenty of Bitcoin companies out there where you can buy Bitcoin in the United States. Companies like Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, and CoinMama are some of the best examples of these sorts of companies. There is high availability here, and it’s an easy way for newcomers to stock up on Bitcoins as much as they can. There are also different payment methods involved, and you can use any means to acquire you Bitcoins. These companies offer a direct exchange for cash and are perhaps the most accessible way of finding and purchasing Bitcoins in the US.


As well as direct exchanges for money, there are also exchange trades which allow you to buy and sell Bitcoins. You will need to register with an online exchange in order to do this, and you’ll need to verify your identity, but they will take care of the sale. The exchange companies act as an intermediary and provide a secure and safe way of ensuring that the transactions go through to everyone’s liking. This is one of the best things you can do to buy and sell Bitcoin in the US. Make sure you do a bit of research to find out the best exchanges to use. But it helps to cover yourself and make the right kinds of choices.


Another way to buy and sell Bitcoins in the US is through peer-to-peer marketplace trading. This is something that allows you to join together with other like-minded people. You’ll be able to use these sites to buy good using Bitcoin and to actually buy Bitcoin yourself as well. The market is one of the most growing and popular on the internet and is quickly becoming the go-to place for those who wish to buy or sell Bitcoin in America.

Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, you could be forgiven for thinking it starts and ends with Bitcoin. The digital landscape for currency is so vast and complex that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. You have to understand that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin symbolise the future of the online world. But, there are many other cryptocurrencies out there that are wholly unrelated to Bitcoin.

It’s important to get a feel for the whole market and to understand the influence of cryptocurrencies. And, the best way of doing that is to make sure you understand all the different types of cryptocurrency available. That means looking closely at some of the others out there.


Litecoin is a fun and accessible alternative to Bitcoin. In fact, the company even refers to itself as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Created in 2011, Litecoin is a cool cryptocurrency with a brilliant process time. It was the first cryptocurrency to use Scrypt as an algorithm. Litecoin is a great choice if you are new to the cryptocurrency world and you want to invest, but don’t yet have the financial clout for Bitcoin.


Ethereum is a cryptocurrency you may well have heard of. It’s one of those that is a blockchain distributing company as well as a cryptocurrency. Ethereum was launched in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a former Bitcoin programmer. It is a cryptocurrency that is increasing in usage and proving a popular choice for a lot of people. Though it doesn’t quite have the level of popularity Bitcoin does, it is vastly developing as a cryptocurrency.


Another cryptocurrency created in 2013 was Primecoin. The way this one works is that miners use their computers to find Cunningham chains. Using these chains, they can mine for Primecoins. The great thing about these coins is that they are a lot less expensive than the likes of Bitcoin. And you can actually buy one Primecoin for around $0.04. That makes these a great investment for the future when the cryptocurrency market is bound to explode and become much more mainstream.

Should You Spend Your Bitcoin Now?

One of the important questions to ask if you have any Bitcoins is should you spend them now? Well, this presents the age-old question about investments and when you should spend the assets. It really depends on your point of view and what you want to get out of the Bitcoin process. For instance, you might decide that you would like to expand your Bitcoin investment further.

There are a lot of ways to spend Bitcoin these days, and a lot of reasons why you should spend them. So, let’s consider why you may wish to spend them, and how to go about doing so.

Buying Goods

There are many merchants and business out there these days that accept Bitcoin payments now. Places like Amazon and eBay are starting to work this into their framework as well. Buying goods is one of the main things people use Bitcoin for, and there is a niche market online that allows this to happen. You also need to understand that It will soon be possible to buy almost anything using Bitcoins. But, you also need to decide whether you want to get rid of your investment so easily. Why would you spend your Bitcoins when you have the time to earn them and build them up over the years?


Another way you could spend your Bitcoins is in casinos. Many online casinos have started accepting Bitcoin payments as part of their currencies. But, they have also started to pay out winnings in Bitcoin. There are even some specialist casinos dedicated solely to Bitcoin. The advantage of gambling is that it really gives you a good opportunity to increase your investment. You might not have the cash to buy more Bitcoins just yet. But, at a casino, you will have the opportunity to gamble in a bid to improve and increase your investment. But, please make sure you are sensible and responsible if you choose to use your Bitcoin in a casino.

Further Investment

The saying goes you have to spend money to make money, and this is definitely true in the investment world. So, you need to think about making further investments wherever you can. Bitcoin prices are going to be on the rise, so it’s important to make sure you take advantage now. You want to get in when the prices are a little lower and buy more Bitcoins. There is also the option of trading with other Bitcoin owners as well. Make the right investments to help you expand your Bitcoin collection and make better financial choices for the future.

Play Fun a Fun and Exciting Game Using Bitcoins

Bitcoins are a form of payment that was introduced in 2008. This payment system allows people to pay for and participate in activities that allow for bitcoin usage without paying in cash. Though bitcoins are backed with cash, they are considered a safer form of online payment. This is why the popular game Satoshi Slot immediately began allowing users to use their bitcoin wallets to fund their account and play the fun and exciting game of slots online.

To get started, you simply need to fund your account with bitcoins. Deposits are typically ready quickly so you are never delayed in being able to play. Satoshi is one of the leading providers of online games and they never disappoint with their online slots. The fun and excitement allows players to bet their bitcoins and win big.

Playing could not be easier. You never have to download the game like some slot games require. Instead, you are given a unique address that is your’s alone. This address will allow you to play from any device and be assured your account will not be compromised.

Since Satoshi only allows players to use bitcoins, it is important to familiarize yourself with the system before you even attempt to play. First, you will need to setup your wallet. There are many different providers of bitcoin wallets so you will need to research well and make sure you are using a good provider.

You will be given a bitcoin address that allows you to receive payments. This address is a series of numbers that begins with a one and ranges from thirty-four to thirty-six numbers.

Once you have this number, make sure you keep it documented in a safe place. Using this number, you can fund your wallet and receive payments from your winnings in slot games.

If you are ready for the fun and excitement only Satoshi can bring, follow these easy steps and begin funding your wallet so you can get in on the fun. With these slot games, you can experience the excitement of the casino from the comfort of your own home.

Beginners Guide to Acquiring Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency that is used primarily online for purchasing items and playing casino games such as Blackjack and Satoshi Slot. There is no oversight and no infrastructure, but all transactions are verified in a shared public ledger called a block chain. It is still in developmental stages, but gaining acceptance as payment for goods and services both online and in some restaurants and markets.

Payments in bitcoin are irreversible and the price value is volatile, so there is much debate regarding whether it is real currency. mentions that it should be see “as a high risk asset” at this point in time. Hackers have stolen bitcoins from people and some have lost their bitcoins by forgeting the security key to their virtual wallets. It is possible to acquire bitcoins honestly in several ways. You can accept them as payment for goods and services. You can purchase them at a bitcoin exchange or exchange them with someone. Some people have started up bitcoin businesses online, but that may not be the best option for the beginner. You can also acquire them through the process of competitive mining. Mining is a process by which you use software to solve math algorithms and receive a certain number of bitcoins as a result.

If you solve the problem first, you get the coins. If you are not quick enough and someone else solves it, that person gets the coins and you have to start all over with a new problem. There are no guarantees that you will be successful. Math problems increase in difficulty based upon the rate they are being solved, therefore, mining becomes more and more difficult. Miners began solving math problems using basic computer processors until they realized that graphics chips worked faster. The issue with these methods was the huge amount of power it took to work through the problems and receive your bitcoins. Today, most miners use a different type of processing chip.

An ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chip has been designed especially for solving bitcoin math problems and takes up less power to operate. Miners are also forming groups, called mining pools, to work together to solve the math and get the bitcoins. Each member of the group gets a share of the bitcoins awarded when successful.

Using The Bitcoins To Pay for Online Games

The use of Satoshi Slot in the Vera and John casino has attracted many game players. This is because it is the first one to provide online games where you can make a deposit using the bitcoins that is made possible by internet transfer method, because of this an increased number of big industry players like BetVictor are introducing bitcoin payments. With the bitcoins, you will be required to put some deposit in your online account, and you can use it to play any online games provided by the casino. There are several reasons you should use the bitcoins while at the casino, and they include:Different gamesUsing the bitcoins, you have various games to choose from. You can play the new games like Play N Go, Bally Technologies, Nextgen Gaming, Three Pigeons, NetEnt, Betsoft and IGT. All the available games are online, and you can play them at the comfortable of your home. You can also play old games available online.

Big win The jackpots offer big wins from a single bet. The amount of money won will be put into your bitcoin account waiting for your use.

Instant deposit and withdrawalsWhen you decide to play the games using the slots, you have to make some deposit on the accounts. One thing you will appreciate about the coins is that you can use your online account as soon as you make the deposit. When withdrawing, you will still get the same treatment.

SecuredUsing the bitcoins, it could be safer when you compared to other form of payment. This is because you will be required to use the public key provided with your private key. This makes it possible to own it privately since no one has a private key like yours.

Reliable softwareIn most casinos, you will find some games that will not be eligible to be played with some software. With the use of the bitcoins, the game providers have made it possible for the players to enjoy the games since they are compatible with the software. The online games are also regularly audited to ensure all the plays are fair to the customers.When you decide to play the available online games, make sure you take full advantage of the bitcoins, and you will have fun and a good time.